EMOTIVE Chatbots


A social, provocative, and affective digital tool.

This website is a result of research completed by the EU-funded EMOTIVE Project. EMOTIVE believes cultural sites are highly emotional places. Regardless of age, location or state of preservation, they are seedbeds not just of knowledge, but of emotional resonance and human connection.

As a form of interpretation, chatbots are an innovative method of reaching your visitors where they are, whether that be on your social media pages, website, or as a companion to a physical visit to site. They have the added bonus of being inexpensive, or as shown here, free. However, we feel their true strength lies in their inherently communicative nature, as tools that prompt conversations and challenge users through active engagement.

On this site you will find a how-to guide including a technical step-by-step walkthrough and three distinct chatbot templates to help you build your own bot.

How to Use the Templates

The EMOTIVE bot templates are designed to be used on Snatchbot. Snatchbot is a free chatbot building tool that requires no previous programming experience. All you need to do to is follow these six simple steps:

  1. Download one of the templates.
  2. Login to Snatchbot.
  3. Select “Create a Bot“ and fill out the information.
  4. Select the ”Configure” menu from the side bar.
  5. Go to the backup/restore tab (located at the top of the screen).
  6. Select ‘Import’ and upload the template.

Download a visual guide to the template upload process.